QPS Training

"True leaders bring out your personal best. They ignite your human potential" - John Paul Warren

In reference to the above quote the QPS or Processing Training Team has been effectively delivering one of the best in class training methodology with our employees to promote learning and skill development on the job and beyond. We believe that for an organization to excel, it´s people play a pivotal role. Our vision is to excel in creating a workforce that constantly adapts to changing technologies and evolve as a performance oriented team from day one.

"Things do not happen... They are made to happen" - John F. Kennedy

All New Hires in Processing are provided with a well structured training environment in order to acquire the knowledge and the skills required to perform their job effectively on the production floor as per client expectations. The New Hire Training Program includes four major stages:

  • Quest
  • Pre-Process
  • Process
  • OJT

Quest - The Quest is a structured module for a complete day which covers the following areas i.e. Induction, Introduction to Processing Business, Quatrro Values and Functions followed by a Quality and Compliance Session. The idea behind conducting a Quest session is to prepare the new hires to have a basic understanding of our company, the way it works and where exactly they fit in with respect to their role.

Pre-Process - This module is spanned over a period of 5 days and aims at familiarizing the new hires in understanding US Culture, Its impact on our business, the basics of Banking Services, Fraud Types and a Basic understanding of how a transaction occurs with various modes of reviewing them.

Process - This module is spanned over a period of 5 to 15 days depending on a particular LOB with extensive process training and measurable targets concluding in graduation when the new hire is eligible for production. The focus in this module is primarily around Banking Regulations, Basics of Fraud, Spending Patterns, Systems, Case Studies and Practice Modules.

OJT - On the Job Training includes providing the new hires an experience of the production floor under the guidance of mentors and trainers to utilize their skill sets basis their "Process Training" to understand customers´ spending pattern and derive conclusive evidence in identifying fraudulent transactions from genuine ones. This further helps them in decision making with set client targets. The module is spanned over a period of 6 weeks which includes Sessions on live case scenarios, working on live cases with supervision and week-on-week targets. The feedback provided is immediate which helps the individual stay updated and continue adding to the overall knowledge quotient.

"True leaders take an Ordinary Person and turn them into an Extraordinary Performer" - Farshad M. Asl

Apart from the above mentioned areas of skill development, the training team which consists of trained professionals with 60+ years of combined experience which strives to create a knowledge pool that keeps the population in sync with the client deliverables. This includes multiple ASK Series sessions, Monthly Refreshers, Compliance Trainings and Employee Development Trainings to enable them acquire the right skill sets to move to the next level while continuing to deliver the best in their current role.