TSG Training

TSG Training

"You cannot teach a man anything, you can only help him discover it within" - Galileo

The TSG Training team has been rediscovered, reimagined and redesigned the way our employees can learn and develop their skills, and utilize them effectively on the job and beyond. We believe that for an organization to excel, its people play a key role. The holistic development of our workforce is the vision which is driving the initiatives being taken.

All the new employees hired in TSG get trained to acquire and hone the knowledge and the skills required to perform their job effectively. The New Hire Training Program involves rigorous 13-17 days process training. There is also an element of Communication Skills training which has been baked into the existing program to ensure a competency-based learning.

The Sales Training is spanned over 20 working days; wherein the new employees get to understand the process and their role. They learn the sales techniques and the elements involved. They use and practice the tools they need like CRM and LMI and also learn the soft skills for effective communication. A part of the Sales workforce has been retrained to bring about a refined approach to Consultation in selling. A huge chunk of the training time involved competency building like conversational ability, assertiveness, and building resilience. This would enable them to use the consultative approach effectively while handling rejection positively and creatively.

The Tech Tier II Training also lasts 20 working days. As much as half of the training duration is devoted to developing the tech know-how of the participants and the remaining time is spent building the soft skills, process knowledge and practice on the tools used. The Tech Tier I employees require process knowledge and communication skills for adequate performance while the Tech Tier III employees need the technical acumen. Hence the training is focused on developing these core attributes in a span of 13 and 15 working days respectively.

Other than NHT, the training team is also involved in short-term performance improvement projects. Capsule sessions for effective communication are also imparted for continuous improvement of the employees and their performance.

"Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn" - Benjamin Franklin

With the introduction of gamification of the training content and the use of emulators and simulators for learning, the participants would get experiential learning opportunities. The training content has been revamped using games oriented themes like Mario and Aladdin to keep the participants enthused while they learn. 40% of the training program has been designed around emulators and simulators to keep the participants involved.